Tiny House Designs For DIY

Tiny house designs come in all forms. Some people buy already built tiny houses that are on the market, while others may commission the use of a skilled contractor to build the tiny home of their dreams. One of the other options, and something that makes a tiny home so desirable, is the possibility of designing and building your tiny house yourself. Tiny houses are great for people with a DIY spirit. When houses are built small enough or are built on wheels, it makes them not require permits or inspections. This situation give do-it-yourself enthusiasts the change to build a tiny home however they see fit. Continue reading “Tiny House Designs For DIY”


Maximize Space In A Smaller Home

Downsizing your home is a great way to cut down on heating and cooling costs, effectively lowering your carbon footprint. I’ve discussed the benefits of downsizing on my previous blog entry, More Space Equals More Waste. As easy as it sounds in theory, it really is a lot of work to pare down your belongings and find a way to fit your whole life into a smaller space. Especially if you are thinking about switching to a “tiny house“.

The good news is that most average homes have a massive amount of wasted space. The items you have now could be multiplied by ten and still fit in your home, if your home was set up to utilize its space more efficiently.

Continue reading “Maximize Space In A Smaller Home”

Downsizing Doesn’t Have To Mean Tiny House

The increased popularity of the Tiny House Movement has brought us television shows like Tiny House Nation and a new show called Tiny House Hunters. As I watch these shows, I notice a trend among these new tiny house adopters: a lot of them aren’t ready for a tiny house. Continue reading “Downsizing Doesn’t Have To Mean Tiny House”