World’s Most Eco Friendly Office Buildings

As the population rises, more and more buildings are being erected all over the world. It’s become a popular trend to make ‘green buildings’ or ‘eco-friendly buildings’. Of course, this is a great trend as most of these buildings are competing to be the one that uses the least resources and create the most energy. If you look up any of these buildings individually, they will all claim to be the greenest building in the world. I don’t know which one really is, or if their is even a clear winner as they all have some innovative¬†designs that utilize eco-friendly technology in different ways. The bottom line is that all of these buildings are amazing examples of green building technology. Continue reading “World’s Most Eco Friendly Office Buildings”


Powering Your Tiny House

Going off the grid is a very freeing experience. Not only are you going to save money on utilities, you will be cutting the shackles of the utility giants who have a monopoly on your area. You may have found your piece of land and are ready to build your tiny house, but  you have a few pressing question: