Tiny House Designs For DIY

Tiny house designs come in all forms. Some people buy already built tiny houses that are on the market, while others may commission the use of a skilled contractor to build the tiny home of their dreams. One of the other options, and something that makes a tiny home so desirable, is the possibility of designing and building your tiny house yourself. Tiny houses are great for people with a DIY spirit. When houses are built small enough or are built on wheels, it makes them not require permits or inspections. This situation give do-it-yourself enthusiasts the change to build a tiny home however they see fit. Continue reading “Tiny House Designs For DIY”


Powering Your Tiny House

Going off the grid is a very freeing experience. Not only are you going to save money on utilities, you will be cutting the shackles of the utility giants who have a monopoly on your area. You may have found your piece of land and are ready to build your tiny house, but  you have a few pressing question: