Tiny House Designs For DIY

Tiny house designs come in all forms. Some people buy already built tiny houses that are on the market, while others may commission the use of a skilled contractor to build the tiny home of their dreams. One of the other options, and something that makes a tiny home so desirable, is the possibility of designing and building your tiny house yourself. Tiny houses are great for people with a DIY spirit. When houses are built small enough or are built on wheels, it makes them not require permits or inspections. This situation give do-it-yourself enthusiasts the change to build a tiny home however they see fit.Now, keep in mind that any structure that people are going to spend time in should be built to minimum code to ensure safety, but a tiny home is a great way for the DIY community to learn and grow.

Here are some great examples of DIY designs for tiny houses:

tiny house diy design

180 Square Foot Cabin:

This tiny cabin was built for $7000 in just two weeks. It’s 180 square feet and was designed to accommodate a family of 4 plus a dog on weekend getaways. Located on an isolated island in British Columbia, this tiny house was built using a modified shed plan and some help from a friend with building skills. A detailed account of the build with more pictures can be found HERE.

tiny house diy design

A Tiny Home Named Lucy:

This little house was built as a temporary home while the New Zealand couple saved to build a straw bale house. This tiny house is about 185 square feet and is built to accommodate just the couple, though they have added a baby girl to the family. They designed the house themselves and you can see extensive documentation of the build as well as a cost breakdown HERE.

tiny house diy design

Elliot’s Colorful Gypsy Wagon:

This 100 square foot trailer home was built from necessity. Eric Elliot’s lease was up and his landlord was raising his rent, so instead of stay put and get screwed, he decided to build his own tiny house. This little wagon was designed for just him and you can read more about it HERE.

tiny house diy designThe Tiny House Family:

This family of four who wanted to live mortgage free is a great example of DIY tiny house building. Utilizing mostly salvaged materials from construction sites and Craigslist, these guys built a 320 square foot home for only about $12,000. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, this tiny house is letting this family live their dream. Learn more about their home HERE.

For anyone looking to build their own tiny house, there are an abundance of books on Amazon that will help inspire you to get the ball rolling. You can also check out websites like Tiny House Design for further ideas.


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